Study smarter
Do you know how to make the most of your study time? Take this quiz and find out:

You have a statistics midterm coming up next month and you want to allot 12 hours to study for it. What's your best option?

Cram: Study for 12 hours in a row on the day before the test.
Study three hours a week, in three-hour blocks once a week.
Study in one-hour blocks, evenly spaced out over 12 separate days over the next four weeks.

You want to learn 50 new vocabulary words for your neuropsychology course so you make a stack of flashcards. Which is the best way to study them?

Keep all 50 words in one stack. Go through the whole stack each time you study, then start over.
Separate the cards into five stacks of 10. Go through the first stack of 10 a few times, then move on to the next stack of 10. Go through that a few times, and so on.
It doesn't matter, either way works fine.

For your history of psychology class, you need to familiarize yourself with the work of three eminent researchers from very different areas of psychology. Which study technique is more effective?

Studying each researcher's work in a separate study session.
Studying the work of all three psychologists in each study session.
It doesn't matter, either way will work fine.

You need to learn one chapter of your textbook for a quiz the next day. Which of the following study methods is likely to help you most?

Read the chapter as many times as necessary until you feel you know it well.
Read the chapter, then make up a quiz for yourself and test how much you learned.
These are equally effective.

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