SIDEBAR Fall 2017 - 13



Montgomery County achieves the trifecta of
leadership positions in Statewide Associations
- and an award too!
By Denise S. Vicario, Esq.


he Pennsylvania Association of Court Management,
the Pennsylvania State Association of Prothonotaries
and Clerks of Courts, and the Pennsylvania Conference
of State Trial Judges all have Montgomery County members in
leadership roles. Montgomery County Court Administrator,
Michael R. Kehs, Esq., and Montgomery County Prothonotary,
Mark Levy, both assumed the presidencies of their respective
statewide associations this summer. In addition, The Honorable
Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio was elected Secretary to the
Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges.

Conference of State Trial Judges. The Golden Crowbar is awarded
to a county court system or individual who has significantly
furthered the goals of the judicial system by innovating a project
or program or by individual dedication to the court's mission
as public servants. President Judge DelRicci's dedicated efforts
to transition the Montgomery County Civil Division from an
attorney-driven to a court-driven system by implementing a Trial
Readiness program, was indeed a "crowbar" that significantly
improved the efficient administration of justice by alleviating
backlogs in the Montgomery County Court System.

The Pennsylvania Association of Court Management,
established in 1989, promotes the professionalization of Court
Managers throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and
provides a forum for education, training, and fellowship of its
members. The Pennsylvania State Association of Prothonotaries
and Clerks of Courts was established in 1928, and its mission
is to engage Prothonotaries and Clerks of Courts statewide in
communicating and preserving the purposes of filing offices.
The Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges promotes the
administration of justice and projects designed to improve the
administration of law as well as professional programs for judges
and those interested in the judiciary. These organizations are wellserved by Montgomery County's fine leaders.

Congratulations to all, and indeed, the summer of 2017 was a
special time for Montgomery County!

In other exciting news, The Honorable Thomas M. DelRicci,
President Judge of Montgomery County, was awarded The
Golden Crowbar Award by his peers at the July 2017 Pennsylvania


Representation,	consultation	and	expert	testimony	in
disciplinary	matters	and	matters	involving	ethical	issues,
bar	admissions	and	the	Rules	of	Professional	Conduct

James C. Schwartzman, Esq.

*	 Chairman,	Judicial	Conduct	Board	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Disciplinary	Board	of	the	Supreme	
Court	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Continuing	Legal	Education	Board	
of	the	Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania
*	 Former	Chairman,	Supreme	Court	of	Pennsylvania	
Interest	on	Lawyers	Trust	Account	Board
*	 Former	Federal	Prosecutor
*	 Selected	by	his	peers	as	one	of	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	
in	PA	and	the	top	100	Super	Lawyers	in	Philadelphia
*	 Named	by	his	peers	as	Best Lawyers in America	2015	
Philadelphia	Ethics	and	Professional	Responsibility	Law	
"Lawyer	of	the	Year,"	and	in	Plaintiffs	and	Defendants	
Legal	Malpractice	Law
1818 Market Street, 29th Floor * Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 751-2863

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