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Radio Comedy
Thrives in Many Forms


By James Careless

* James Cridland reports from Geneva on
EBU's Digital Radio Summit - page 5

OTTAWA - For many listeners, the
Golden Age of radio was also the Golden
Age of radio comedy. Before TV forced
radio into a music-and-talk ghetto, the
wireless was a laugh-packed medium
dominated by comedy legends such as
Jack Benny and "The Goon Show."

In fact, it could be said that comedy is
actually breaking new ground in radio,
especially for broadcasters wondering
what to do with their declining AM/MW


Canadian radio listeners are fortunate. Publicly owned CBC Radio One

CBC radio's "irrelevant
show" is recorded live
in front of a paying

Randy Brown, Soundproof Windows.
Photo: Kovacs/Dawley

nab show

* Catch a glimpse of what's on tap for
this year's show - page 14

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* Stations ensure coverage with reliable,
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By lameCk masina

Communications Regulatory Authority
(MACRA) has asked broadcasters in
the country who will be airing live
phone-in programs during the May 20
elections to take delivery of profanity
delay systems.
This move, the regulatory body
hopes, will hinder the transmission of
any controversial, tension-filled discussions during pre-election live radio programming.
During the run up to the previous
elections, MACRA proved lenient by
not punishing several ill-equipped stations that weren't able to comply with
the Malawi Communication Act and
license condition, which bars broadcasters from airing "defamatory, derogatory, and inflammatory and other abusive language or any other expressions
that are likely to incite violence ..."


Rob Swyrd/CBC

It is true that most comedy programming is now found on TV. But radio
comedy still endures and even thrives on
the world's airwaves, if you know where
to look.

to Prep for

produces lots of live comedy for their
enjoyment, and airs many original shows
every week. Moreover, CBC Radio's
comedy lineup is diverse. It includes

But according to a statement issued
in January, MACRA's Director General
Charles Msaliwa said the regulatory
body would not let the mistakes slip
through this time due to the absence of

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