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Healthcare Facilities National Design-Build Award wArrIor IN trANsItIoN BArrAcks fort cArsoN, colorADo colorADo sprINgs, colorADo Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District Design-Builder: Mortenson Construction Architect: TranSystems Engineer: S-E Solutions Specialty Consultants: The RMH Group, Cator Ruma, Design Collaborative and Hughes & Associates Specialty Contractors: HPE, Encore Electric, Stresscon, KHS&S/Eggrock, Pikes Peak Steel and Denver Drywall The Warrior in Transition Barracks provides housing for soldiers while they recuperate from injuries sustained during active duty. The Army intends these facilities to provide the best accommodations possible in gratitude for soldiers’ service and sacrifice. The barracks incorporates special features to accommodate soldiers suffering from burns, behavioral health disorders, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs and visual or hearing impairment. It provides 160 beds in a 96,400-squarefoot, four-story building. Rehabilitation/Renovation/Restoration National Design-Build Award legolAND florIDA wINter pArk, flA. Owner: Merlin Entertainment Group, Ltd. Design-Builder: PCL Construction Services, Inc. Architect: Morris Architects Engineers: Allan & Conrad, Inc., CES Mechanical, AK Scruggs and exp, inc. Specialty Consultants: SCMH Architects, Julian Garcia, McVay-Wood Engineering and Spade Irrigation Design Specialty Contractors: Weller Pools and The Nassal Co. PCL and Morris Architects provided design-build and general contract ing ser vices for t he largest LEGOLAND theme park in the world. The park project, which occupies the former Cypress Gardens site in Winter Park, Fla., included the construction of 46 new rides, shows, buildings and attractions; the renovation of 23 existing structures; the installation of new infrastructure; upgrades of existing infrastructure; extensive hardscape; and landscape installation and historic tree relocation and restoration. Industrial/Process/Research Facilities National Design-Build Award vIBro-AcoustIc test cApABIlIty fAcIlIty, NAsA/gleNN reseArch ceNter sANDusky, ohIo See Page 20. winter//2012 11

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