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leADershIp reflectIoNs// Setting Goals for the Years Ahead DBIA DID A lot of strAtegIc plANNINg work in 2012 to move for ward as a highperformance organization that is committed to the advancement of “Design-Build Done Right” across public- and private-market sectors, collaboration and integration of project teams and the development and effective dissemination of design-build knowledge for all owners and practitioners. The chart below outlines the three-year strategic goals adopted by the association’s National Board after consultation with regional leaders and thought leaders in design-build. Working together, people • advance owner participation, support and reliance on DBIa and design-build delivery. • Expand designer preference for design-build delivery in ways that support their business goals and engage the customer’s vision of design excellence. • Expand opportunities for ownerto-owner engagement in all market sectors, public and private. • Expand legislative authority for design-build, best-value selection (BVS) and qualifications-based selection (QBS) in all jurisdictions (including revisions to federal acquisition regulations). • partner with architect/engineers to advocate for QBS procurement. • promote balanced agreements, appropriate transparency and integrated business models. • Engage other industry associations as advocates. they then presented the strategic direction at the Members and Credential Holders Luncheon, soliciting additional feedback there. DBIA wants to hear what you think about this initiative. If you would like to share your thoughts on the 2013-2015 Strategic Direction Plan, please email L IS a Wa ShInGton IS a cEr t If IED a S S ocI at Ion E X Ecu tI V E (ca E) W Ith MorE th a n 15 Y E a rS of aSSocIatIon ManaGEMEnt E XpErIEncE. ShE haS SErVED aS DBIa’S EXEcutIVE DIrEctor SIncE JunE 2009. By Lisa Washington, caE reAch • advance processes and tools that promote best practices, collaboration and efficient professional development via an expanded body of knowledge. stANDArDs • promote owner and practitioner performance and behaviors that ensure successful project delivery via measurable standards for “Design-Build Done right.” structure • create an organizational structure that facilitates achievement of goals via the greatest return on investment of financial, staff and volunteer resources at the national, regional and local levels. • Expand think-tank discussions. • reset, create and enhance knowledge-area committees. • Build an accessible library and network of industry expertise. • create a standardized process, including development and review of best practices by diverse individuals and industry organizations. • Define “Design-Build Done right,” including habits, expectations and performance. • Establish project certification standards to measure teaming performance at onset and through completion of projects. • create DBIa-approved facilitators’ capability for markets, customers and projects. • remove financial and geographic barriers to owner participation. • fund new owner-specified services. • reduce the administrative burden at the regional level. • Enhance “speed to market” of products and services. • Expand access to specialized staff and consultants. • Budget appropriately for enhanced and effective branding efforts. winter//2012 3

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