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Water/WasteWater//state oF the seCtor Construction proceeds on the sediment removal basins (foreground) and clearwell structure (left), where the final steps in treatment occur. an eye toWard oPerations The board relied on the experience and expertise of the joint venture partners to improve and expand upon the scope of the initial plan. Throughout the process, the CH2M HILL/Western Summit team proposed solutions that cut initial and life-cycle costs, reducing the project’s time frame, and simplifying construction and long-term operations over the design specified in the RFP. Open communication came into play again during construction. With the team managing multiple job sites, efficiency and time management were crucial to maintaining a tight schedule. Open communication between the design-build team and the owner was also important during commissioning and start-up. CH2M HILL and Western Summit operated the facility for the first three months prior to the formal acceptance test, allowing the team to fine-tune systems and 8 spring//2013 optimize operations. During this three-month period, the newly hired operating staff shadowed the design-build team members, learning how to operate the Buckman facilities from those already familiar with them. The project came in early and is currently delivering more than 70 percent of Santa Fe’s annual water supply—15 million gallons daily takeaWays: Constant and open communication was crucial to the success of the project and the owner’s satisfaction. Representing stakeholders, the Buckman Direct Diversion Board and its design-build partner, the CH2M HILL/Western Summit Constructors Joint Venture, achieved its goal—delivering potable water to Santa Fe and the surrounding county. the quarterly publication of the design-build institute of america

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