Are you addicted to food?

Yale University graduate student Ashley Gearhardt has found that people scoring high on the following food addiction quiz, which she helped develop, tend to have behavioral and even neurological similarities to people with drug addiction. Take this abbreviated version of the quiz, and see how you compare.

  Never Once per month 2-4 times per month 2-3 times per week 4+ times per week
1) I find myself consuming certain foods even though I am no longer hungry.
2) I worry about cutting down on certain foods.
3) I feel sluggish of fatigued from overeating.
4) I have spent time dealing with negative feelings from overeating certain foods, instead of spending time in important activities such as time with family, friends, work, or recreation.
5) I have had physical withdrawal symptoms such as agitation and anxiety when I cut down on certain foods. (Do NOT include caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, etc.)
6) My behavior with respect to food and eating causes me significant distress.
7) Issues related to food and eating decrease my ability to function effectively (daily routine, job/school, social or family activities, health difficulties).


8) I kept consuming the same types or amounts of food despite significant emotional and/or physical problems related to my eating.
9) Eating the same amount of food does not reduce negative emotions or increase pleasurable feelings the way it used to.

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