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10 The quarterly publication of the Design-Build Institute of America stAte oF the seCtor rePorts throughout the year, integration Quarterly (iQ) takes both in-depth and broad looks at design-build developments in key industry sectors. the spring 2013 issue features case studies from the water/wastewater and transportation sectors. 06//water/wastewater Flowing Freely Keeping the lines of communication open was key to successfully delivering clean, potable water to the residents of santa Fe, n.M. in every issue 03//leadership reflections DBiA at 20 the association is established, mature and ready to lead the industry toward an increasingly integrated future. 05//legislative update Design-Build Progresses on DBiA’s Watch the association has made incredible inroads in helping enact legislation allowing design-build project delivery during its 20-year history—and it is set to make further headway. 16//design-build done badly 10//transportation Intercounty Controversy Quelled Best practices are even more important on highprofile initiatives, such as Maryland’s massive intercounty Connector (iCC) highway project. no rooms at the inn A hotel project goes haywire when the design-build team fails to account for changes to a plan it had executed successfully several times before for the same client. 18//on the shelf the Dynamics of Design-Build success tom Porter’s new Profit, Risk & Leadership: The Business of Construction & Design-Build can help readers understand the factors that are integral to developing a successful firm. in this issue 14//infrastructure the need for P3 Public-private partnerships can help bridge America’s infrastructure gap. 20//LOOK Beauty and the Bluff DesignBuildBLuFF offers architecture students an unforgettable design-build education while supplying stunning, sustainable new homes to the navajo nation. 15//advertising index spring//2013 1

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