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on the shelF// The Dynamics of Design-Build Success By ian P. Murphy 18 spring//2013 tom Porter, Former dbia Chairman and current vice president and general counsel for LeChase Construction in Rochester, N.Y., has penned Profit, Risk & Leadership: The Business of Construction & Design-Build (408 pages, $69.95) to help current construction executives, those rising through the ranks and those who work with them understand the dynamics of a successful firm—whether it functions as a general contractor, specialty contractor, design-builder, construction manager at-risk, agent, program manager or any combination of these roles. Coaching industry readers toward construction’s best practices, the book will assist in executive decision-making and enhance firm performance in a variety of everyday situations. Readers in other roles can learn the key considerations construction executives face and what to expect from best-inclass contractors—and those that don’t quite meet such high standards. And thanks to its conversational tone, all readers will come away with a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to the success or failure of particular firms. The three main elements discussed in Profit, Risk & Leadership: The Business of Construction & Design-Build serve as the book’s organizing theme, with profit being the motivation of a construction business; risk, the inherent threats and challenges to making a profit; and leadership, the behavior that successful executives exhibit in building profit and avoiding risk. While the book applies to all project delivery models and all types of projects, the book reserves the spotlight for design-build projects exclusively. “Design-build has grown dramatically in recent years and has become a major and distinctive method of carrying out the business of construction,” Porter writes. “Designbuild, when implemented according to its best practices, epitomizes the innovative, collaborative approaches that are helping to transform the industry in exciting ways.” The book is not intended as a technical manual or guide to project management. Instead, it addresses the overall strategy, management and operation of U.S.-based firms of all sizes that must mobilize talent to carry out construction. It offers big-picture perspectives on business, factors to consider when making specific decisions, best practices benchmarking guidelines from exceptional firms, and strategies executives can use to transform themselves from mere managers into true leaders. Porter has been a leader in the design-build industry for more than 30 years. He has served as general counsel and vice president of Barton Malow, a $1-billion national contractor; advised firms on business strategy and risk management as an independent consultant; taught graduate-level construction management courses at Lawrence Technological University and lectured at Virginia Tech, Purdue University and California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly); and spoken for industry organizations such as DBIA, the Associated General Contractors of America and the American Bar Association. With the publication of Profit, Risk & Leadership: The Business of Construction & Design-Build, Porter again shares his considerable knowledge in service of the design-build industry. iAn P. MurPhy is senior eDitor oF DBiA’s iQ. the quarterly publication of the design-build institute of america

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