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/ the end of the project if the team remained in compliance throughout the life of the contract. Other means of sharing risk and encouraging competitive bids included price adjustments for diesel fuel, asphalt cement for hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement, Portland cement for concrete pavement and Portland cement for cast-in-place, including precast structures and fabricated structural steel. Price adjustments were computed quarterly, while cost adjustments were made based on the original base index established in the contract and the average of the actual cost index for the quarter. The design-build teams and owner shared the price-adjustment risks based on market fluctuations. The highway’s large culverts offer pathways for animal migration. Du ring pla n n ing, desig n and construction, the project team developed an MSHA’s close attention to best practices in interagency working group comprised of key pub- design-build procurement, from early developlic stakeholders, including the Army Corps of ment through contract award and completion, Engineers, Maryland Department of Environment, resulted not only in on-time, on-budget delivery Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and of what has been called the “most sustainable highWildlife Service, National Park Service, Maryland way in America,” it also prevented the ICC’s actual National Capital Park and Planning Commission delivery from becoming an additional source of and local and county environmental organizations. controversy. So let’s add a third benefit to the list The interagency working group met monthly to dis- of design-build advantages: lower cost, less time cuss proposed designs and construction techniques, and fewer complaints. and to resolve issues that might affect the project’s environmental requirements and costs. After awarding contracts, the design-builders Project: Intercounty Connector co-located all parties to allow open and honest location: Beltsville, Md. discussion about the design of the project. They owner: Maryland State Highway Administration conducted over-the-shoulder (OTS) reviews daily design-builders: Intercounty Constructors, on all phases of the design with the designer, Maryland 200 Constructors and Intercounty constructor, owner and outside stakeholders in Connector Constructors attendance. Everyone was required to stay on the engineer: ICC Corridor Partners, a joint schedule established by the design-build team. venture of Rummel Klepper & Kahl, Parsons The designer of record performed qualityBrinkerhoff and URS control checks, while the owner conducted the quality-assurance checks on each package submit- susAn hines is DBiA’s DireCtor oF PuBLiC reLAtions ted for review. Once the release for construction AnD inForMAtion AnD eDitor-in-ChieF oF DBiA’s (RFC) plans were issued, construction began on iQ . she oversees the institute’s eLeCtroniC AnD specific elements of the project even before other Print CoMMuniCAtions A nD MeDi A reL Ations. hines joineD DBiA in 2009 AnD hAs WorKeD in the components had been designed, gaining valuable Design AnD ConstruCtion inDustry For More construction time during the design phase. thAn 10 yeArs. spring//2013 13

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