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attempted homicide in the First Judicial District before the
bench and juries. As a prelude to her current position as District
Attorney, she also trained and managed new and seasoned
attorneys to provide comprehensive legal analysis to develop a
competent, equitable and legally sound case strategy. Ms. Hodge
also assisted in either the creation and/or implementation of
various diversionary programs, such as Mental Health Court,
Veterans' Court, DUI Treatment Court and Drug Court to
effectuate alternative methods in addressing root causes of
criminal behavior. During this time, Ms. Hodge also taught as
an adjunct professor of law at Drexel University's School of Law.
Ms. Hodge received her juris doctor from the University
of Richmond's T.C. Williams School of Law in 1996. She is a
1993 graduate of the University of Virginia where she received
her Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Affairs and in Spanish
Language and Literature. She is a native of Montgomery
County, Pennsylvania and proud graduate of Mount Saint
Joseph Academy in Flourtown, PA and an active alumna.

the Common Pleas Court Judges and the City of Philadelphia
for having confidence in her to lead the office. Hodge then said,
"To the members of the District Attorney's Office, it's good
to be back. This is our restoration period. Our opportunity to
look at adversity from the rear view mirror and know you have
weathered the storm."
Echoing Ms. Hodge's own sentiments, Elliott Greenleaf 's
President, Frederick P. Santarelli, Esquire, said of her:
Kelley's leadership will enhance the public's confidence in
the District Attorney's Office and in law enforcement. She's
independent, smart, transparent, and will quickly energize
a new day of principled public service for the citizens of
Congratulations to the citizens of Philadelphia as District
Attorney Hodge restores justice, dignity and professionalism to
the City's Chief Prosecutor's Office.

Mount Saint Joseph's President, Kathleen Brabson, SSJ
congratulated Ms. Hodge and applauded the decision noting:
Kelley is an outstanding example of our mission that, "on
the education of women largely depends the future of society."
Her uncompromising character, collaborative leadership,
and knowledge of the law make for an excellent choice
in selecting her as the first woman district attorney for
Throughout her career, Ms. Hodge has also recognized the
importance of community involvement and leadership. She is
a member of the American Bar Association, the Montgomery
County Bar Association and the Hearing Committee for the
Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Ms.
Hodge serves on the governing board of her alma mater Mount
Saint Joseph Academy, the board of directors of the Pennsylvania
Innocence Project, the governing board of Mercy Neighborhood
Ministries in Philadelphia, the advisory board of Villanova
Law School's Institute on Commercial Sexual Exploitation, the
advisory board of the Community College of Philadelphia's
Center for Law and Society, and the President's select board
to address diversity and African-American interests at the
University of Virginia. Ms. Hodge also serves as an inaugural
member and mentor for at-risk high school young women in
Philadelphia through the Women of Tomorrow national mentor
and scholarship organization. Prior to her appointment, Ms.
Hodge volunteered as a child advocate for Montgomery Child
Advocacy Project. She is also an active member of Alpha Kappa
Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.
On July 24, 2017, Kelley Hodge took the Oath of Office
before a packed City Hall Courtroom to become the City's 25th
District Attorney. Promising to lead by example with diligence,
intelligence and patience to restore confidence in the Office of
the District Attorney, District Attorney Hodge then thanked

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